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Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

why la aku blogging bout this kan.
because currently, i am headache with hannah's tantrum. sungguh menguji kesabaran dan keimanan setiap hari. membuat kaler kulitku daripada kecoklatan sawo matang ni bertukar jadi hijau biru. dan kerap juga kulit kaki hannah bertukar kemerahan sebab kena tampar denganku.

so ku rasa ku perlu bermuhasabah diri, mencari penyelesaian yg sepatutnya iaitu bagaimana ku berhadapan dengan kemarahan diri sendiri instead of memarahi my dear dotter itu.
aku nk share tips dari cedukan dari beberapa blog dan forum. sangat berguna utk aku jadikan panduan. and to those yg juga menghadapi problem mcm aku, dipersila kan kita sama-sama ambilnya sebagai panduan dan terus menjadi hot momma yg caring loving dan baik hati.


1)First thing I always do when I wake up in the morning will be:

Pray to God - to give me strength, guide me to be a better person each day on loving and teaching my kiddies. I prayed for God to help me to setup my mind on focus, search for positive side on my child behavior, strive for fun.

2). PREVENTION is better than PUNISHMENT at that such young and tender age

When the kakak mula nk rampas-rampas barang adik, mama kena jadi orang tengah. You can inject them with the joy of sharing. Kongsi-kongsi kong sini. Kan barney kata, "Sharing is Caring."

Or, mama can tell kakak that she is bigger. She has the POWER to choose what toys/books adik can have. Wah..kakak is very kind. Kakak has a kind heart. Allah loves kind people tau, kak. Mama pun love orang yang kind. Look how happy adik is. *notice brainwashing in action*

Or, mama alihkan adik from situasi yang memungkinkan kakak pukul adik.
Huhu kalau dah penat, rumah bersepah, it's so easy to lose our temper. Been there, done that!

Lastly, think of it this way. We always ask Allah in our doa - to make us solehah, more patient, more loving, etc. Remember that Allah does not automatically grant what we ask for. Instead, Ar Rahmaan gives us the CHANCE to be one. Nak jadi sabar, Allah kasi peluang untuk kita latih kesabaran. So, setiap kali nak naik 'hangin', ingat..
"This is my chance to be more patient! " InsyaAllah.

3) Before I start to talk with them, I try to think clearly and try to put myself in their shoes:
If I am a kid, would I want to see my mother screaming at me?
Do I intend to make my mummy angry on purpose?
Why I am do this?
What is the proper voice should I use?

My own discipline in dealing with my anger with them will be:

1) Quickly bring those *usually one kiddy* in one room (to ensure other siblings seeing what happen between me and his/her, in respective ways) Let other siblings busy playing with toys or reading books or coloring in another room.

2) See his/her face, eye-contact *but in my heart, before I dare to breath any word I kept on saying "Oh God, please help me now! I need you! Guide me through this, I want to teach my child! Pls!*

3) Ask him/her why he/she doing that thing. Why? If he/she told the truth (even it is good or bad as long it is the truth....yes believe me truth always the bitter part), praise them quickly by hugging and kissing, saying "I'm proud of you because you so brave telling me the truth. Allah will be so happy now. And I am happy for you too".

4) If he/she act differently; like more aggressive, quickly bring he/she to toilet, don't talk, don't yapping to 'em, just pour water all over their body and head *but in nice ways* and ask he/she to follow you to take wudhu'. After that, wipe he/she, bring back to empty room and ask he/she on why they're acting like that. Told he/she, you had wash away their anger by putting out the fire with water *firefighter method*

Sometimes I'll say: I'm sorry I can't talk with you for one whole day because you won't tell me what happen. Till we be friend again, I'll talk to you, OK?"

Insya-Allah, usually your kiddies will respect your ways if we as parent do respect ourselves and themselves.

Dealing with toys and books:

:) Before letting them play with toys, reading with their favorite books or art stuff, do make them promise that it is their responsibility to replace all the stuff *make sure you had teach them how to do some clean up before you ask them to do it because sometimes they just don't know, thats why they do need us, rite?*.

:) Keep remind them how lucky they are, having such luxury. Remind them about all of their friends out there so poor, didn't manage to own such toys/books/stuff. Told them how hard work for your husband and you to collect money to buy all those stuff just for them. Plus keep telling them "Remember kids, Allah always will blessed kiddies whom always be grateful to whatever they had, Allah will give you more if you willing to share with others especially your own siblings. However, if you won't, I am sorry kids, Allah will takes it back from you. Not me, but Allah. Belive me, sooner or later"

:) Make clean up as a fun game for them like "Uh oh who could clean up within 10 minutes, they surely beat me and be the winner of the day! 1,2,3 go!*

:) Practise & keep on practice

so mommalydzar, tips are there..apelagi, amalkan la, and keep practising.. cian anakmu hannah yg selalu kena marah tu..

5 words from u:

Nana Aziz said...

ank saya pun cam hannah jgk..btl2 menguji kesabaran kita sbg ibunya. cuma bezanya anak sy blm ada adik lg. we're still try on it. hehe..bgs ye tips ni. tips yg sgt berguna utk sy.
Salam perkenalan..

lydzar said...

salam perkenalan juga..

yer, dah rasa bersalah sgt hari-hari marah si hannah tu. so kenalah muhasabah diri.anak kan kecik lagi, blom tau pape. so kita as ibu la yg kena take inisiatif and improve diri dalam hal-ehwal parenting ni..
chayo2!! nk kasik adik ehh..

Syima ~Mama Kyra~ said...

ala ciannya hannah ari2 kena bambam dgn mama dia :D

ldyzar... better pukul anak di tapak kaki sbb mesej yg kita nak smpikan masa pukul dia akan smpai ke otaknya.. ;)

azya said...

now i can see the different between ibu yang berilmu dalam mendidik anak anak, dan yang kurang ilmunya bela anak anak. :)

early child development mmg penting, sbb that's the foundation of everything. kalau asas kuat, insya Allah lepas2 tu takla seperit mana kot..apa apa pun, congratulation Liza, wpun aku takde anak lagi, but i can see that uve done ur best in bringing up little hannah. :)

Nurul Aini Khairul Azhari said...

sgt membantu..tq


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