IKLAN : Used Fridge To Go Cooler Bag

Ok ada lagi barang utk di let go. Mintak tolong sebar-sebarkan berita pada sesiapa yg berminat ye :)

* This is ideal to take with you on long trips. I stored my milk starting from 8am until 6.30 pm during MIHAS Exhibition 2010 and my milk is still in good condition so I guess it’s worth buying. 

Reason for me to let it go because I purchased medela Freestyle breastpump also includes the cooler bag. So I thought of letting go this bag*

Brand : Fridge To Go
Color: Red
Condition: Still Good
Date Bought: In March 2010
Purchase Price: RM 210.00
Selling Price: RM 150.00

Large 12-can capacity
Great for 6 water bottles or energy drinks
Perfect family size (3-4 People)
Ideal large food transporter
Surround cooling 9-hours
Fully collapsible

Heavy-duty carry handle
Rugged shoulder strap
Rear mesh storage pocket

Ideal Applications:
* At the Beach * Picnics * Day outings with Children * Sporting Events * Boating & Fishing *

* Backyard BBQ * Food/ Breastmilk Transporter * Grocery Shopping * Big Thirst Party Companion *

1) Dimensions
Folded - 10 X 4.5 X 7 inches
Open - 10 X 8.5 X 7 inches
2) Cooling Performance: 10 to 12 hours
3) Material: Canvas (very durable)
4) No pockets
5) This size was made for 12 soda cans. It can also accommodate:
Several baby bottles
Or approximately 20 breast milk storage bags
Sesiapa berminat boleh contact tuan empunya barang ok :)

Ms. Norzareen
Email:       zareen@pkfz.com

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Atia Adina said...

ala...kesiannya....letih layan anak2....ayah atia skg ni...rajin plak dia bangun watkan atia susu...harap2 rajin sampai bila2...hehehehe



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